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Lithotripsy Center of Northern Greece has been operating in the center of Thessaloniki for 25 more than years.

It is the first medical center specialized in lithotripsy, and until now it is a reference center for the whole Country.

It was created in 1993 by a group of urologists with the main purpose of providing medical services to urological patients.

Throughout its 20 years of operation, the center has invested in people and equipment to be today a complete and modern place offering high quality medical services with a primary focus on the sense of responsibility towards its patients.

All urological operations are performed at the center and all urological events are treated by an experienced team of urological surgeons.

The main activity of the clinic is lithiasis since it is the first and most specialized center kidney stones and lithotripsy in Northern Greece.


The only center dedicated exclusively to kidney lithotripsy in Northern Greece.

25 Years of experience | 25 Years By the urological patient



25 years of specialization and experience


Modern medical equipment


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